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Stylish Meets Delicious

Honeycomb catering was founded in 2021 with the aim of providing you with the perfect dinner party for you and your guests. No request is too much for our highly experienced team.

We can provide high end catering for birthday parties, anniversaries, funerals and much more!

Depending on the number of guests and your function, we may recommend different types of menus based on your requirements. We have options to suit every event and budget!

Our process always starts with a discovery call, this allows us to choose the most suitable options for you and your guests. This can be arranged by calling 07564 202 418 or visiting our contact us page.


Our incredible team have a wealth of experience in different cooking styles and settings allowing us to provide exactly what you are looking for from your special occasion.


Keiran has been providing catering for all sorts of events for the last 13 years. Cooking for weddings, dinners, charity fudraisers and more,

 specialising in classic mediterranean cuisine.

Millie's flair for presentation and creating stunning food makes her an invaluable member of the team coupled with a strong understanding of the classic techniques.


Francisco is originally from Oviedo on the northern coast of Spain. His passion for modern mediterranean and mollecular gastronomy really shines through in his dishes.

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